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    Recently Julian Wilson and Hurley ran the Julian Wilson Serious Fun event for 2020. This event symbolises Julian’s childhood & pathway to being a professional athlete; growing up with FUN as the most important requirement. 2020 saw this event in its third consecutive year. It took place where it all started for Julian, Coolum Beach, QLD. We saw 150 local kids sign up for the all fun activations that were set up in Tickle Park and 12 surfers (11 Australia and 1 International Wildcard) all aged 16 yrs and under battle it out in the Serious Fun Invitational. All 12 surfers were hand chosen by Julian himself.
    The activations kicked off at 8am, where the local kids were into everything straight from the get go. The activations included; Oakley chill our area, Hurley Printing Press, Hurley Board art, Ruby Blue Hair Salon – Braids, hairspray and glitter for all, Hydroflask hydration tent, Amazon Power Acai, Catch Surfboards – Try Julian’s model of softboard, FCS – Fins and accessories , JS Surfboards – Try one of Julian’s preferred board of choice when he is competing, Sun Bum suncreen tent, Coolum Boardriders Tent, 9 hole mini golf course and a Shave Ice truck.
    The Julian Wilson Serious Fun Invitational kicked off at 8am. This event is an invitee only event, where Julian personally chooses 11 Australia and 1 international surfer, that are 16 yrs or younger to compete in a WCT like event. Every surfer gets their own surfer locker with their name on it, product from the events sponsors and their personal beach marshal who puts their correct colour rashie in their locker before their heat. All heats were 30 minutes and Round 2 and the Quarters had the overlapping format, just like the World Tour.
    Our very own Jarvis Earle took the win with amazing surfing throughout the day.
    Then Winter Vincent took out the Oakley Expression Session. They both took home some crazy prizes which included; $'s, JS surfboards, Catch Surfboards, DJI Mini drone, Oakley product, a wildcard into the WQS 3,000 at Avoca and a one of a kind Serious Fun trophy.



    Meet Oscar Berry, our very own local Hurley Team Rider. If you're not seeing him in or around the surf, you can find him in store at Hurley Burleigh most weekends.
    Oscar has not long returned from Portugal after competing in the Quiksilver Young Guns Contest, so we caught up with Oz to get his take on all things Surf, Hurley and life on the Gold Coast.

    What’s your story?

    I grew up in Yamba, born in Mildura but now living on the Gold Coast. When I moved to Yamba I started surfing and got into it pretty quick, first of all I was a skater and then as I got over skating, I started surfing - I got barrelled at the point and from then I was hooked instantly.

    What does your typical day look like?

    On a day when I have to work, I would wake up and go for a surf, wherever the waves are good maybe straight out the front at Burleigh Heads. Then I would walk over to Hurley Burleigh do a quick shift there and depending on what the waves are like, I would either go for a surf again or go home and just cruise and eat food.

    You’re sponsored by Hurley, what is it that you love about the brand?

    I've been sponsored now by Hurley coming up on 5 years, back then I was involved in The Hurley High Performance Centre and they put on a camp for a bunch of unsponsored groms - the camp turned out pretty good for me. Being a part of Hurley is sick, I get trips overseas and the experiences gained from being a part of the brand is one of the best things it can give a surfer - the product is good too.  

    Best experience with Hurley?

    The best experience I have had with Hurley so far Is going to Kelly’s (Slater) wave pool, we went on a trip there in 2018 and when I was told I was going I couldn't speak for about an hour I was just trying to comprehend the fact that I was actually getting to go there. I was 1 of 3 Aussie kids that went, myself, Jarvis and Winter. It was amazing, we surfed Trestles for the four days leading up to it and then went up to Leemore and surfed the wave pool with a bunch of the Hurley international kids who are now good mates.

    You recently competed at the Quiksilver Young Guns Contest – tell us about it.

    It's been running for a long time now, you start out by entering a clip on Instagram of your best surfing, Blake from Hurley Australia actually made my clip for me, cheers Blakey. From that Stab picked a top 8 and then there was a voting process where one of the four surfers were picked from voting and the other three were chosen by Quiksilver surfers. At first, I didn’t make it into the top four, but someone had to pull out and I was the second most voted for clip, so I slid into the top four and I’m pretty stoked.
    We were based in Portugal and we surfed every single day, twice a day, the waves were sick, they weren't pumping for Portugal but for me I was pretty happy. I surfed so much, I don’t think I have ever surfed that much in my life in such a short time frame. I turned 17 in Portugal and all I could think about was when I get home I could get my P’s – but it was sick to celebrate my birthday over there, who would have thought?


    This special pink collection was designed to create Breast Cancer Awareness. All the art work featured in the range was completed by Nola Wilson; Julian's incredible mother and breast cancer survivor.

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    JULIAN WILSON'S SERIOUS FUN WEEKEND symbolises Julian’s childhood & pathway to being a professional athlete; growing up with FUN as the most important requirement. 145 local grom's enjoy the day with a variety of fun activations such as Putt-Putt, printing press, board art, board demos plus much more. In addition, 16 hand-picked surfers by Julian from around the world came together to battle it out in a World Championship tour like event.

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